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–‘Knowledge of Belief and the Asymmetry Thesis’, III Workshop of the PLM network, Barcelona LOGOS, 2016-09-23.

–‘The Evidential Role of Semantic Intuitions’, workshop Belief and Intuitions, Antwerpen, 2016-05-19.

–‘What justifies Beliefs about One’s Own Beliefs?, invited lecture University of Salzburg, 2016-05-10.

–‘Meaning, Rules and Reasons’, invited speaker (with Kathrin Glüer), 2016 American Philosophical Asssociation Pacific meeting, San Francisco, 2016-04-02.

–‘On Incompletely Understanding One’s Own Thoughts’, Normind workshop, Oslo, CSMN, 2016-01-14.

– ‘Evidence in Semantics’, Buffalo Annual Experimental Philosophy Conference, September 12 2015.

–‘Natural Kind Terms: The Metaphysics and Semantics behind the Causal Theory’. Invited speaker (with Sören Häggqvist), Tampere University, April 16, 2015.

– ‘Wittgenstein and Davidson: A Homeric Struggle?’. Invited speaker workshop ‘Wittgenstein and Davidson’, York University, Toronto, March 27, 2015.

– ‘Cognitive Perspective and the Transparency of Mental Content’. Invited speaker workshop ‘Embodiment, Externalism and Phenomenology’, University of Turin, February 27, 2015.

– ‘Semantic Intuitions and Evidence in Semantics’. Invited speaker workshop ‘Reference and Experimental Data’, Barcelona, February 17, 2015.

‘Out of the Armchair? The Proper Role of Experimental Semantics’. Final workshop CCCOM, Tallin, October 4-5, 2014.

–‘Out of the Armchair? The Proper Role of Experimental Semantics’. ECAP 2015, invited speaker philosophy of language, Bucharest, August 29, 2014.

–“Does Semantics Need Normativity? Comments on Gibbard ‘Meaning and Normativity’”. Invited speaker, workshop St Andrews, June 17-18, 2014.

–Introductory comments & summing up, final conference Eurounderstanding, European Science Foundation: ‘Understanding and Misunderstanding. Cognition, Communication and Culture’, Lisbon, May 8-10, 2014.

–“Comments on Gauker, ‘Words and Images. An Essay on the Origin of Ideas”. Invited speaker book symposium, American Philosophical Association, San Diego, 2014-04-16.

–‘Extended Beliefs’. Guest lecture, Edinburgh University, 2013-12-10.

–‘Natural Kinds and Natural Kind Terms’. CCCOM workshop, ‘Content and Context’, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim, 2013-05-22.

–‘Artifact Terms and Semantic Externalism’. Invited speaker, ‘Workshop on Artifacts: Semantics and Metaphysics’, Barcelona, LOGOS, 2013-05-03

–‘Social Practices and Individualist Minds’; invited speaker, workshop ‘Minds and institutions’, University of Nantes, 2013-04-11.

–‘Natural Kinds and Natural Kind Terms’; invited speaker, workshop ‘The problem of natural kinds in the sciences’ at IHPST, University Paris 1 Sorbonne, 2013-03-26.

–‘Understanding, Assent, and Deviant Speakers’; invited speaker, Northwestern University, Chicago, 2012-10-27.

–‘Why Mental Content is not Transparent’; invited speaker CUNY Graduate Center, New York, 2012-10-24.

–‘Concept Possession and Conceptions’; European Soceity of Philosophy and Psychology, cross CRP symposium on ESF project EuroUnderstanding, London, 2012-08-29.

–‘Originalist Concepts and the Transparency of Content’; invited speaker Originalism about Concepts, Institute of Philosophy, London, 2012-03-27.

–‘Comments on Pascal Belin, ‘Hearing Voices: Cerebral Bases of Human Voice Perception’, Perceptual Learning and Recognition Workshop, York 2012-03-19.

–‘Self-Knowledge: A Special Kind of Knowledge?’; invited speaker Royal Institute of Philosophy Workshop, Birmingham, 2011-12-12.

–‘Natural Kinds and Natural Kind Terms’; with Sören Häggqvist, presentation at PETAF Midterm Conference, Aberdeen, 2011-12-11.

–"Bachelors, energy, cats and water. Putnam on kinds and kind terms"; invited speaker Rolf Schock Symposium, Hilary Putnam's Views on Meaning, Stockholm, November 2011.

–"What Justifies Beliefs about One's Own Beliefs?"; invited speaker PETAF Conference: Subjectivity, Budapest, October 2011.

–"Color Terms and Semantic Externalism"; invited speaker Annual Philosophy of Science Conference, Dubrovnik, April 2011.

–"Skepticism, Normativity and Meaning Determination"; invited speaker
Amsterdam Graduate Conference, October 2010.

–"What Justifies Beliefs about One's Own Beliefs?"; invited speaker,
conference Self and Others, Southampton, March 2010.

–”Skepticism, Normativity and Meaning Determination”; invited lecture,
Cornell University, November 2009.

–”Semantic Competence and Belief”; conference
Meaning and Understanding, Riga, August 2009.

–”What is Belief?”, with Kathrin Glüer; invited speaker, Centre for the Study of Mind in Nature (CSMN), Oslo University, conference
The Aim of Belief, Oslo, June 2009.

For programme, abstracts and information about the the Aim of Belief, go to the conference webpage

Here you can listen to and download
Åsa Wikforss & Kathrin Glüer-Pagins talk

–”Understanding, Assent and Communication”; invited speaker, conference
The Grounds of Sense: The Philosophy of P.F. Strawson, Prague, April 2009.

–"Semantic Externalism and Empty Kind Terms"; invited speaker, workshop Reference, November 2008.

–"Are Natural Kind Terms Special?"; invited lecture, University of Leeds, October 2008.

–"Semantic Externalism and Empty Kind Terms";
European Congress of Analytic Philosophy, Krakow, August 2008.

–"Incomplete Understanding and Cognitive Perspective"; invited speaker to Round-Table discussion at World Congress of Philosophy, Seoul, July 2008.

–"Psychological Externalism", invited lecture, Institut Jean-Nicod, April 2008.

–"Externalism and World-dependence"; invited lecture LOGOS, University of Barcelona, March 2008.

–"Against Content Normativity" (with Kathrin Glüer); invited speaker, workshop
Content Normativity, December 2007.

–"Psychological Externalism"; invited speaker, University of Sussex, November 2007.

–"Are Natural Kind Terms Special?"; invited speaker, Nature and its Classifications, Birmingham, October 2007.

–"Psychological Externalism"; invited lecture, Oslo University, August 2007.

–"Externalism and Kind-Dependence", Joint Session, Bristol 2007.

–"Externalism, Kind-dependence and Dry Earth"; invited speaker, workshop
Externalism, Conceptual Analysis, and the Methods of Modern Philosophy, University of Tartu, June 2007.

–"Must there be water? Externalism and kind-dependence"; invited lecture, University of Nottingham, May 2007.

– "Externalism and Object-Dependence"; invited lecture, Central European University,Budapest, November 2006.

– "Self-Knowledge and Knowledge of Content";
Congresso Nazionale SIFA, Milano,September 2006.

– "Self-Knowledge and Knowledge of Content"; invited lecture, University of Warwick, June 2006.

– "Against Content Normativity" (with Kathrin Glüer-Pagin); invited lecture,
Interpretation and Inference, The Royal Academy of Letters, History and Antiquities,Stockholm, May 2006.

– "Beyond Rigidity Lies Descriptivism" (with Sören Häggqvist); conference
The Philosophy of Chemistry, Stockholm University, May 2006.

– "Beyond Rigidity Lies Descriptivism" (with Sören Häggqvist); invited speaker, workshop
Descriptivism, University of Turku, March 2006.

–“Content Externalism and Fregean Sense”:
European Congress of Analytic Philosophy, Lisbon, August 2005.

–”A posteriori semantics?”: with Sören Häggqvist, conference
Content and Context, Stockholm, May 2005.

–“On Capturing the Speaker’s Perspective”:
The Levels of Interpretation, Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague, April 2005.

–”Is the cluster theory for natural kind terms really dead?”: with Sören Häggqvist,
Concepts and Conceptual Change, Dubrovnik, April 2004.

–“Objectivity and Linguistic Error”: invited lecture, workshop on the philosophy of Donald Davidson, Oslo University, April 2004.

–“Externalism, Self-Knowledge and Incomplete Understanding”:
European Congress of Analytic Philosophy, Lund University , June 2002.

–“A Posteriori Externalism and Self-Knowledge”:
Externalism and Internalism, Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague, April 2002.

–“Thought Content and the Epistemology of Self-Knowledge”: invited lecture, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, October 2001.

–“Self-Knowledge, Content and Self-Deception”: invited lecture, CUNY Graduate Center, New York, October 2001.

–“Self-Knowledge, Content and Self-Deception”: invited lecture, Wayne State University, Detroit, October 2001.

–“An A Posteriori Conception of Analyticity?”: invited lecture, Humboldt University, Berlin, September 2001.

–“Naming Natural Kinds”:
APA, Central Division Meeting, Minneapolis, May 2001.

–“Naming Natural Kinds”: invited lecture, Riverside, University of California, January 2001.

–“Naming Natural Kinds”: invited lecture, City College, City University of New York, November 2000.

–“Semantic Normativity”: invited lecture, Oxford University, June 1999.

–“Conceivability and Possibility”: invited lecture, Trinity College, Dublin, March 1999.

–“Is Meaning Normative?”: invited lecture, Glasgow University, November 1998.

–“It Ain’t Necessarily H2O”:
Symposium on the Philosophy of Hilary Putnam, Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic, September 1998.

–“Social Externalism and Non-Empirical Errors”:
Twentieth World Congress of Philosophy, Boston, August 1998.

–“Semantic Normativity: Does ‘Mean’ Imply ‘Ought’?”:
APA, Central Division Meeting, April 1997.