Last update: January 2021
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Current students


PhD students

Anders Lundstedt Some philosophical aspects of mathematical induction

Karl Nygren Permissive Norms and Permitted Actions

Daniel Ahlsén (at the Department of Mathematics of SU), Combining quantitative and qualitative analysis of multi-player games

Master students

John Lindqvist A multi-agent system for inductive learning on subset spaces

Former students


Riccardo de Masellis Dynamical multi-agent systems

Antti Kuusisto Model theory of computational logics, postdoc funded by the Finnish Foundation

Dmitry Shkatov Tableaux-based decision methods for multi-agent logics, Claude Leon Foundation postdoc fellow

PhD students

Nana Cui, Multi-agent Deontic Logics, (co-supervised, from Beijing Normal University)

Steen Vester, Logical and Computational Aspects of Infinite Games (co-supervised, at the Technical University of Denmark)

Amélie David, Towards Synthesizing Open Systems: Tableaux For Multi-Agent Temporal Logics (co-supervised, at Universite' d'Evry Val d'Essonne, France)

Dario della Monica, Expressiveness, decidability, and undecidability of Interval Temporal Logic (co-supervised, at Univ. of Udine)

Ruaan Kellerman, Logical theories of trees, Univ. of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg

Willem Conradie, Algorithmic correspondence and completeness in modal logic, Univ. of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg

Guido Sciavicco, Propositional Interval Temporal Logics, (co-supervised, at Univ. of Udine)

Master students

Adam Ramirez, Counterfactuals and Indeterminism. A generalisation of Schulz's causal semantics

Livia Trusardi (Erasmus exchange student from Univ. of Pavia), Conditional strategic reasoning in extensive form games

Steen Vester, Game-Theoretic and Computational Aspects of Concurrent Game Models

Christian Juul Kisum, Implementation, test, and analysis of some solution concepts for repeated games and imperfect information games

Nan Huo, Epistemic logics and communication protocols for generalized Russian card games

Thomas Vestergaard, Algorithmic design and implementation of tableau-based decision procedure for multi-agent epistemic logics.

Angelo Kyrilov, Incremental tableau tool for testing satisfiability in the linear time temporal logic LTL.

Claudette Robinson (co-supervising with Willem Conradie at the University of Johannesburg) Expressiveness of metric interval logics

Cecilia Coetzee (co-supervising with Willem Conradie at the University of Johannesburg) Representation theorems for interval structures

Wilmari Bekker, Modal logic on rational Kripke structures

Ruaan Kellerman, Logical theories of geometric structures

Govert van Drimmelen, Satisfiability in a logic of games

Charl Ras, Automatically presentable structures

Rainer Schamm, Zero-one laws and almost sure validities on finite structures

Michael Dorfling, Game-theoretic methods in logic

Martin Pienaar, Representation theorems in universal algebra and algebraic logic