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Last updated: September 2018

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  • Riccardo de Masellis, Dynamical multi-agent systems

Ph. D. students:

  • Anders Lundstedt, Unifying Model Checking with Validity and Satisfiability
  • Karl Nygren, Permissive Norms and Permitted Actions
  • Daniel Ahlsén (at the Department of Mathematics of SU), Combining quantitative and qualitative analysis of multi-player games

Master students:

  • currently none



  • Antti Kuusisto, Model theory of computational logics, postdoc funded by the Finnish Foundation.
  • Dmitry Shkatov, Tableaux-based decision methods for multi-agent logics, Claude Leon Foundation postdoc fellow

Ph. D. students

  • Nana Cui, Multi-agent Deontic Logics, (co-supervised, from Beijing Normal University)
  • Steen Vester, Logical and Computational Aspects of Infinite Games (co-supervised, at the Technical University of Denmark)
  • Amélie David, Towards Synthesizing Open Systems: Tableaux For Multi-Agent Temporal Logics (co-supervised, at Universite' d'Evry Val d'Essonne, France)
  • Dario della Monica, Expressiveness, decidability, and undecidability of Interval Temporal Logic (co-supervised, at Univ. of Udine)
  • Ruaan Kellerman, Logical theories of trees, Univ. of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg
  • Willem Conradie, Algorithmic correspondence and completeness in modal logic, Univ. of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg
  • Guido Sciavicco, Propositional Interval Temporal Logics, (co-supervised, at Univ. of Udine)

Master students

  • Steen Vester, Game-Theoretic and Computational Aspects of Concurrent Game Models
  • Christian Juul Kisum, Implementation, test, and analysis of some solution concepts for repeated games and imperfect information games
  • Nan Huo, Epistemic logics and communication protocols for generalized Russian card games. Here is a link to download the executable files for his tool computing 2-round solutions of generalized Russian card games: Windows, Linux
  • Thomas Vestergaard, Algorithmic design and implementation of tableau-based decision procedure for multi-agent epistemic logics. Here is a link to his online tableau tool for the Multi-agent epistemic logic MAEL.
  • Angelo Kyrilov, Incremental tableau tool for testing satisfiability in the linear time temporal logic LTL.
  • Claudette Robinson (co-supervising with Willem Conradie at the University of Johannesburg) Expressiveness of metric interval logics
  • Cecilia Coetzee (co-supervising with Willem Conradie at the University of Johannesburg) Representation theorems for interval structures
  • Wilmari Bekker, Modal logic on rational Kripke structures
  • Ruaan Kellerman, Logical theories of geometric structures
  • Govert van Drimmelen, Satisfiability in a logic of games
  • Charl Ras, Automatically presentable structures
  • Rainer Schamm, Zero-one laws and almost sure validities on finite structures
  • Michael Dorfling, Game-theoretic methods in logic
  • Martin Pienaar, Representation theorems in universal algebra and algebraic logic
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April 2016