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Current main research interests: theory and applications of logic to agency and multi-agent systems, philosophy, artificial intelligence, computer science, and game theory.

Here is an incomplete list (in no particular order) of logics and topics of my current interest:


  • Modal logics in general;
  • Logics of agency and multi-agent systems;
  • Logics of games and logic games;
  • Logics of knowledge and belief;
  • Logics of programs, processes, actions;
  • Logics of spatial reasoning, esp. modal logics of geometric structures;
  • Point and interval based temporal logics;
  • semantics, expressiveness and definability;
  • axiomatizations and completeness;
  • decidability and decision methods;
  • model theory of modal logics;
  • proof theory of modal and temporal logics, esp. tableau systems;
  • algorithmic correspondence between modal logic and first-order logic;
  • model checking, esp. symbolic model checking in infinite state structures;
  • finitely presentable infinite structures;
  • game theory: combining quantitative and qualitative reasoning about multi-player games; non-cooperative games with preplay negotiations,
  • logic in graph theory;
  • multi-agent systems: knowledge and information exchange; strategic reasoning,
  • finite model theory and 0-1 laws.

Current main research projects  
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Last updated: December 2015

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